Professional rudders

Longtime Vohandu marathon participant and winner Arunas Dubauskas decided to materialize his 40-year kayaking experience and created unique professional rudders for your kayak!

· A high-quality stainless steel rudder ensures durability under any circumstances.

· Aluminum rudder feather will provide efficiency and stability in the water.

· Two special polyethylene spacers between the body and the feather provide additional durability and reduce friction.

· High-quality 4 mm thick rubber for the return of the rudder feather.

· Stainless steel rope attachment loops ensure long-term use without loss of quality.

· This rudder is created to ensure not only your comfort but also high product quality and longevity!

· The rudder feather, designed for comfortable steering, will prevent weeds from accumulating or causing inconvenience.

· Its innovative shape ensures smooth movement in the water and eases steering.

· When encountering an obstacle, the rudder rises due to its unique design and does not create unwanted resistance. This will allow you to easily overcome obstacles and enjoy flawless kayaking.

There are 4 rudder models:

· Pro Sport Solo rudder for single sport kayaks 130eur

· Pro Sport Solo rudder for double sport kayaks 130eur

· Pro Sea rudder for very tall and large kayaks. Widely used as a replacement for old plastic rudders. 150eur

· Pro marathon rudder for more stable and universal kayaks. With a manual rudder lift function. 150eur

Pro sea and pro marathon both have a manual rudder lift option which is very helpful when encountering obstacles.

Please contact Arunas if you are interested in buying and visit our page for more information: