14. Võhandu maraton

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20. aprill 2019


Dear canoeing friend!

We would like to invite you to an international canoeing marathon in Estonia. One of the Worlds's toughest and most beautiful canoeing marathon will start on the early morning of 20th April 2019.

If you wish to see wild and virgin nature and spend an active day canoeing, this marathon is for you. Võhandu Marathon is an excellent opportunity for a canoeing experience in Estonia.
In one day you have to cross 100 kilometres of interesting and at times extreme river. It's an awe-inspiring challenge for all canoeing friends.



After leaving Lake Tamula in Võru, the riverbanks are low, but they rise gradually until after some hours of canoeing the river enters a primeval valley. The steep and forested riverbanks of the primeval valley are interspersed with adjoining valleys and numerous sandstone outcrops. There are many springs and caves in the sandstone cliffs and adjoining valleys. In the last part of the marathon the riverbanks are low again. 

There are great views from the river of wild forests, meadows and sandstone outcrops that our ancestors used to call walls. 

Seven water mills have been built on the river, only ruins are left of some of them - passing the dams of these water mills should get your adrenaline going.