16th Võhandu marathon 2021

 April 17  /  Mai 22   / June 12
925 boats started  876 finished    95%

Entered 1258
Started 925 (-333)
Finishers 876 (-49)
1997 (-570)
1891 (-106)
Men S 1625
F 1540 (-85)
Women S 372
F 351 (-21)
Fastest Time 08:08:07
Average Time 13:54:34
Slowest Time 22:55:00

We are not going to do virtual!

We are not going to do virtual Võhandu marathon.
99% of the Võhandu marathon is a feeling that arises from the power created together, the powerful feeling of being a part of a great fantastic company.

April 23, 2022

The registratsion begins 1-st of january at 12:00:01 am (in Estonian time)

To the start of the marathon are allowed maximum 1500 boats, the registratsion begins 1-st of january at 12:00:01 am (in Estonian time) Registration runs until the 31-st of march or until 1500 boats are filled.

If your desire is to see pristine nature and spend one athletic day paddling, this is the marathon for you. Remember! "You Can Do More Than You Think". Every kilometer you recall later on the sauna deck is pure pleasure. You want it over and over, it may not be right now, but it won't give you peace anymore. WE WILL MEET April 23, 2022 in Võru.

Until the start of REGISTRATION

Until the start of the MARATHON

Your five-year paddling plan in Estonia

17th VM 2022 April 23
18th VM 2023 April 22
19th VM 2024 April 20
20th VM 2025 April 19
21th VM 2026 April 18



After leaving Lake Tamula in Võru, the riverbanks are low, but they rise gradually until after some hours of canoeing the river enters a primeval valley. The steep and forested riverbanks of the primeval valley are interspersed with adjoining valleys and numerous sandstone outcrops. There are many springs and caves in the sandstone cliffs and adjoining valleys. In the last part of the marathon the riverbanks are low again. 

There are great views from the river of wild forests, meadows and sandstone outcrops that our ancestors used to call walls. 

Seven water mills have been built on the river, only ruins are left of some of them - passing the dams of these water mills should get your adrenaline going.