TV3 summary

Marek and Indrek performed super work on TV3, and clips have come to our attention in our adventures:

DAWSON CITY - gold, gold, gold.

DAWSON CITY and Canada Day

WHITEHORSE / Yukon's first training

Yukon River Quest - brief summary

Eight crazy Estonians will face a severe challenge on the Canadian historical goldfish journey. The longest aeronautical charter in the world in Canada is 715 kilometers across the Yukon River, and can only be seen in sleep. Humilous journey from the Whitehorse city to Dawson City clinging to the bears, and you can count on danger only to yourself. The two-part series is spiced with exquisite humor and "cabbage nose out" by tightening.

1 part - marathon preparation and start

2 part - dream came true.

Fotod Yukon River Quest 715 km. Autor: Ivar Hütt

Võhandu maraton ja Yukon River Quest 2018 Team Estonia


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