Võhandu maraton


If your desire is to see pristine nature and spend one athletic day paddling in Estonia, then this marathon is for you. Remember! "You can do more than you think"..

  +372 52 10 800
   65606 Võru, Põllu 4, Estonia

Start coordinates - Võru
Google maps: https://g.page/vmstart
GPS: 57°50'50"N 26°59'00"E
Finish coordinates - Võõpsu
Google maps: https://g.page/vmfinish
GPS: 58°04'50"N 27°32'32"E


it's extreme
It is fun

Hillar Irves


The author and main organizer of the Võhandu Marathon. I want to see the victory in the eyes of the participants, the joy of reaching the finish line. I want this marathon to become a 100-kilometer story about the river, beauty and pain and pleasure for everyone 🙂

  +372 52 13 130
    Võru, Estonia


Meriliin Irves


Võhandu marathon secretary. You can contact me with any questions regarding registration, invoices, IT solutions and general arrangements. Before and during the Võhandu marathon, you can find me at the start and finish tents.

  +372 56 19 63 77
    Võru, Estonia

I am the daughter of the chief organizer Hillar and I was raised to be an adventurer. I have experience in paddling rapids and slalom, climbed mountains and served in the Estonian Defense Forces. Familiar with organizing the Võhandu Marathon since the first marathon.