On the race track

All Marathon participants have FREE catering on the race track (wristbands are provided inside the start materials)
Catering is organized in three places. They will take place at two control points (41 km and 76 km) and at the finish.

  • Levi control point which is at 41 km opens at 9am and closes at 4pm
  • Leevaku Control point which is at 76 km opens at 12pm and closes at 11pm
  • The catering at the finish opens at 1 pm and closes when the last competitor arrives at the finish.


The escorts and onlookers can access catering only if they have a wristband to show. Wristbands can be bought at the start, control points and at the finish. The wristband costs 15€ and can be paid in cash.
NB! In addition to the three catering points organized by the Võhandu marathon, there may be several home cafes and other caterers on the race track - expect to pay cash for these.


Toitlustus Võhandu maratonil

Enervit is the energy partner of Võhandu Marathon!

Energy package includes the following products:
Gluten Free Energy Bars 4pcs
Caffeine Energy Gels 4pcs- which has very convenient packaging, do not have to consume all the gel at once.
Energy pills 12pcs- with vitamins and magnesium, packaged in a convenient resealable package. Energy pills are designed to dissolve in the mouth to provide body with energy, vitamins and minerals.

Ordered energy pack can be collected from the Enervit Tent at the Võhandu Marathon Race Center.

For more information email us on info@enervit.ee or call 56 27 28 52