Largest International Adventure Race in Russia

We invite you to the RFAR, the largest International Adventure Race in Russia, from June, 11th to 14th, in the picturesque Region of Karelia near the village of Vityakkya, in the "Land of White Nights".

On the shores of Lake Ladoga, during the season of polar summer and midnight sun in the Russian North, the best teams of professional and non-professional multisportsmen will compete and test themselves in the most challenging and extreme Adventure Race of Russia.

48-hour «Long» course for teams of 2 or 4 racers
24-hour «Short» course for teams of 2 or 4 racers

- Mountain Biking
- Kayaking
- Trekking
- Orienteering
- Packrafting
- Fix Rope Climbing
- SwimRun

Plenty of thrills and non-stop adventure among the natural, sensational beauty of Karelia!

Are you ready to push your boundaries with a hunger for adventure? Sign up right now:!

Race Rules

You are cordially welcome! Come and test your limits!

Facebook: Red Fox Adventure Race

15. Võhandu maraton 2020 medal

The medal for 15th Võhandu Marathon is ready.

2700 paddlers will get this gold, weighing 150g medal around their neck when they cross the finish line.
It is certain, that even the fastest of those who want to win a marathon will have to spend eight hours trying to win this medal. For anyone who wants to enjoy every kilometer of this marathon, be aware: “We are waiting for you to put this medal around your neck. Even if it takes 24 hours. We are waiting for you with hugs, camera flashes and cheers, we are keeping the meal warm and the sauna hot."
You can do more than you think!
See you on September 05, 2020 at the start of the marathon.