At the START

Coffee and snacks; start at 5:00 to 7:00, will cost 5 euros for cash.

On the TRACK

The Marathon contestants have free catering (wristbands can start number)

Catering (food and drinks) at two control points (41 km and 76 km) and at the finish.

  • Leevi control point 41 km (will be closed 16:00)
  • Leevaku control point 76 km (will be closed 23:00)
  • Finishis Võõpsus

Escort teams are catered for only when they present a food coupon. A food coupon is valid in all three catering stations and costs 10 €.  Wristbands for food can be bought from the competition centre for cash

Soup, energy drinks, water, buns, bread, salt and biscuits are offered at catering points and at the finish.

We recommend participants to take additional food with them in addition to the food offered at catering points. For example: raisins, nuts, energy bars and definitely something to drink.

Kõik toitlustuspunktid on varustatud soendustelkidega.