Accommodation and camping on the Võhandu marathon

Estonia is small and it’s easy and cheap to get around.
Standards of accommodation vary and so you might prefer places that display Estonian Quality Labels or that have disabled access.
Whatever your taste and budget, Estonia has accommodation to suit you.
You can contact each place and book direct but you may prefer to use a booking agent.

Your Questions

  • The organisers can offer approximately 200 places for sleeping on the floor of the Võru Sports School.
  • NB! Bring your own sleeping bag and mat.
  • The school will open on Friday from 16.00
  • In order to stay at the school, please notify organisers upon registration by making an according note. The price is 5 EUR per place.
  • It is possible to make tea and coffee at the school. (Bring your own ingredients, water heater and extension cord).
  • Accommodation must be payed upon arrival on site in cash (€5 per place).
  • Booking is based on the registration order. When travelling with a group, consider all the people in your group when making a reservation.
  • Sleeping on the floor
    NB! Bring your own sleeping bag and mat.
    The school will open from 20:00 on the day of the marathon.
    The price is 5 EUR per place.
    For those having no support teams, we offer transport back to the starting point.

    We do not recommend it.

  • Please use an accompanying vehicle so that you have people helping you on the course and necessary equipment at KPs and bridges (food, drink, dry clothes, head torches, medicines etc.)
  • NB! After having spent at least 10 hours on the course, we advise you not to drive the car yourself. Use another driver or stay the night at Võõpsu or Räpina before you start the journey home.
  • Our accommodation partners

    • A reasonable placement radius is no more than 60 km from Võru. (The estimated journey time of 60 km is 1 hour, so you must start at 5:00 to arrive at 6:00 to Võru.) To provided that you have the starting material in your hand, what you were given a day or two earlier and your kayak or a canoe is in the starting area.
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